The Rachiam Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of challenged communities with the aim of providing relevant solutions where necessary. This is done via collaboration with other organizations so that as many communities may be impacted positively. You can view a list of activities under News.


Gateway Creations PLT (LLP0002387 – LGN) is focused on training, learning, coaching and education services. Functioning as a resource centre for organizations in the learning & development industry, it aims to strengthen the quality of learning through collaboration and continuous learning for all. You can visit their website here.


Y People Meet Enterprise (SA0080925 – T) provides consulting services as well as shared services such as HR advisory services, as well as business management services through IT/ICT Management and Virtual Office facilitation services, and, on the rare occasion, funding facilitation. Read more here.


Vision Quest Asia (002014094 – W) is a profile building and lifestyles company. Utilizing both traditional and virtual platforms, we help clients develop a unique voice that reaches market position in accordance to their potential. Read more here.


Also known as STREAM, Shan Teshan Real Estate & Asset Management (STREAM) (002147207 – H) provides consulting services on assets, transports & logistics, and hospitality management as well as advisory services on real estate in terms of land and properties. Upon request, we also handle property management services, having directly managed 2 condominiums in recent years with reasonable success in the Klang Valley. Read more here.